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How do I assign a PDF to someone else?


  • The initial purchaser will go to the ICC store  (shop.iccsafe.org)
    • Only the initial purchaser may make this change
  • Sign in with their email and password
  • Go to My Account > My eCodes
  • Click on the PDF tab
  • You will see “select option” to the right of the title. Go to “Manage License”
  • Click on “Add User” and a box will come up for them to enter the email address for the individual you wish to assign the PDF download.
    • If you have multiple codes you will to assign each individually.
  • Each individual you assign the PDF to will need to have an ICC online account.
    • No membership needed or purchase required to have an online account
  • To create an account
    • Visit shop.iccsafe.org
    • Hover over “Sign In”
    • Click on Register
Updated on November 20, 2020

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