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HSTTP – How did the program get its start?

Students at Harford Technical High School were constructing a Habitat for Humanity home, which had to comply with the International Residential Code. Sparked by the students’ curiosity about the code, the Harford County building official tasked with the inspection began discussions about providing the students an opportunity to learn the I-Codes associated with home construction. With the assistance of the school’s instructors, a curriculum was developed using the International Residential Code (IRC) and coordinating Study Companion. This initiative was presented to the Maryland Building Officials Association (MBOA) President Rich Truitt, and current ICC Board Member, with a request for support of the program. With MBOA’s support the program started to receive recognition within the code development community. ICC’s Government Relations staff have championed this program for wider adoption with the support and involvement of the ICC Board of Directors. The ICC Chapter Members have endorsed the program and are actively promoting the program at technical high schools throughout the country.

Updated on November 27, 2018

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