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*as of August 17, 2017

Full List of Pronto Exams

14 Permit Technician
21 Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner
64 Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector
75 Zoning Inspector
B1 Residential Building Inspector
B2 Commercial Building Inspector
B3 Building Plans Examiner
BC Building Codes and Standards
CS Code Specialist
E1 Residential Electrical Inspector
E2 Commercial Electrical Inspector
E3 Electrical Plans Examiner
F3 Fire Plans Examiner
FC Fire Codes and Standards
M1 Residential Mechanical Inspector
M2 Commercial Mechanical Inspector
M3 Mechanical Plans Examiner
MG Legal
MM Management
P1 Residential Plumbing Inspector
P2 Commercial Plumbing Inspector
P3 Plumbing Plans Examiner
R3 Residential Plans Examiner


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Updated on April 19, 2018

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