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ICC Reinstatement Program for Expired Certifications FAQs

Is ICC changing the renewal program?

The standard renewal program is staying the same.  ICC is expanding the opportunity to reinstate (bring current) those certifications that are more than six (6) years past the initial expiration date.

Why is ICC expanding the reinstatement program?

ICC understand that individuals let certifications lapse for a number of reasons. Until now, certificants had six years in which they could bring their old certifications current without retesting. Because of the upcoming shortage in qualified individuals, and to allow more mobility within the industry, ICC has increased the time period in which a certification can be reinstated.


Who made the decision to change the reinstatement program?

ICC’s Professional Development council (PDC) recommended a plan for this expansion to the ICC Board of directors, who unanimously approved the plan in December 2015.


I’ve followed the rules and renewed my certifications every three years on time.  Is ICC now letting those who didn’t follow the rules get away with something?

No.  All individuals eligible for reinstatement took one or more certification exams, and will need to apply for reinstatement, pay a fee, and show proof of continuing education units (CEUs) just like someone who has renewed every three years.  This expansion simply lengthens the grace period for renewing.


Is there a deadline for this new reinstatement program?

No.  This is an ongoing program to allow individuals who want to be more active in ICC the opportunity to do so through having current certifications.


Why is the reinstatement fee higher for the legacy certifications?

For those certifications issued by ICBO, BOCA, SBCCI, or CABO that were not current when the International Code Council was founded, the process of reinstatement requires some additional documentation from certificants and additional research and verification for ICC staff.


Does this mean someone could get a certification 15 years ago and never have any updated training?

No.  Every individual that wishes to reinstate one or more certifications must have accrued a specific number of CEUs within the three years prior to their application submittal date.  This ensures current, up-to-date learning on the codes and in the field.


I don’t see my legacy certification listed on the reinstatement application (or online).  Why isn’t my certification eligible?

The certifications eligible for reinstatement are those with an equivalent currently available through ICC.  Certifications that have been retired are not eligible to reinstate.


Why is my legacy certification reinstating to a different title?

As the names of some certifications have been revised over the years, the current equivalent of your legacy certification may have a slightly different name than when you were originally certified.


Who determined the number of CEUs required to reinstate, and the fees?

The PDC recommended the plan details to the ICC Board of Directors.  The fees and CEUs are meant to be reasonable to those certificants who are serious about reinstating their certifications but encourage those who reinstate to renew their certifications on a regular schedule moving forward.


If my Fire Inspector I, Fire Inspector II, or Fire Plans Examiner certification was Pro Board accredited, will my reinstated certifications also be Pro Board accredited?

If your initial Fire Inspector I, Fire Inspector II, or Fire Plans Examiner certifications were provided by ICC during a time in which we were Pro board accredited, then you were placed on the Pro board registry at that time.



Updated on March 28, 2022

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