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In the Catalog Search, you can search for your exam in different ways.

You can search for the exam by typing your exam or part of the title of your exam, or the exam ID on the Search by Exam Title field.

You can also search by Type and/or Category/Trade. When you search by Type, you can choose National Certification, State Certification, Contractor/Trade, or UST/AST.

If you choose State Certification or Contractor/Trade as the TypeState dropdown box will appear where you can filter by State.

The Category/Trade drop down will show all categories associated with that exam type.

When you find your exam in the catalog, you’ll see a general overview of the exam in the exam listing that will be helpful for your preparation. Below is an example of an exam listing for a National Certification exam.

At the top of the exam listing, you’ll see the Exam IDCategory for this exam, which State this exam is based on, the exam Type, and the Code Year.

If you know what Code Year you need to take for the exam, you can click the Code Year drop down to choose the right one for you. Time and number of questions do not change; the references will reflect the code year you choose to review for the exam listing.

The Scope provides a general description of the exam or certification. Some scopes also include information on other requirements necessary for certain certifications.

For other helpful pieces of information on the exam listing, please refer to the points and image below:

    • References (purple): The References section lists all reference material the exam is based upon. If there is a green shopping cart next to the reference, you will be able to purchase that reference on the ICC Store. Note that for all National exams, any copyrighted, bound book may be used at a test site. Exam questions will only come from the listed approved references, and exam appeals may only be based on the listed approved references. Note that not all exams follow this same rule.
    • Technical Details (orangebox): View the number of Questions on the exam, the Time Limit, and whether or not the exam is Open Book.
    •  Available Methods & Pricing (green box): You will also see available methods of administration for this exam. Note that not all methods are currently available for each code year.
      • Quick Explanation of Testing Methods:
        • PRONTO (Proctored Remote Online Testing Option): Take an exam in any secure location (home/office) with a remote proctor. You can take your exam through this method 24/7, 365 days a year.
        • Computer-based Testing (CBT): Schedule to take an exam at a testing center administered frequently at over 350 locations across the nation.

Want to know what kind of content you’ll find on the exam? Click on the Outline tab!

The Outline shows the major content and the job tasks that you’re being tested on.

  • You will see the total percentage on the exam under the major content areas and how this number is broken down into individual job tasks.
  • For example, you see that “Footings and Foundations” content will be 16% of the total exam content.
  • Under this, you will see the job tasks that are related to that topic that you will be asked of on the exam.

You will be able to download and print the content outline for your study purposes by clicking on the Print button on the top-right of the exam listing.

Once you are ready to register for your exam, click the green “Register” button. This will take you to the ICC Store to complete purchase.


Updated on December 8, 2020

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