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New My Library User Experience

My Library provides signed in users a dashboard to discover available resources, contents, and features across the Digital Codes platform.

While the user is directed to My Library each time a user signs in or registers their account, they can access My Library at anytime through the Main Menu.

My Library outlines information relevant to the current user access across contents and features.

  • Get Started provides user specific information regarding access level (Premium or Basic), subscription tier (Singles, Collections, Complete) as well as onboarding tools, resources and features.
  • My Favorites allows user to compile a list of their most frequently accessed titles and access from a single click.
  • Titles provides filtered views for finding and accessing titles across the user’s Premium subscription or across all Digital Codes offerings. Premium users will see all titles within their active subscription as a default view, with alternate tabs and filters including Recommended, Recently Viewed and Recently Added, to narrow their title results.
  • Concurrent Access provides user convenient location to enter a provided code for accessing a shared Digital Codes Premium subscription. Concurrent Access codes can also be entered from the account menu.

Any of the blocks can be collapsed by clicking within the green header row to toggle the view port as opened or closed.  The user preference will be preserved across visits to Digital Codes to provide a personalized experience to return to code compliance contents.

Get Started Block

User specific information regarding access level (Basic, Premium, Enterprise) and subscription tier (Singles, Collections, Complete).

Trial users will see remaining time across their trial experience as well as a promotional opportunity to convert before their trial period ends.

Available resources and tools, including Quick start guide, onboarding training video series and webinars, are listed for user to access from a single click.

Favorites Block

For quicker and easier code access to frequently visited code titles, build a favorites list that can be accessed from My Library or the main menu.

  • Click green header to toggle between expand and collapse
  • Click Manage Favorites to add titles or click the Heart icon immediately after the title for any title being viewed

  • Adjust sort order for your Favorites titles with drag and drop control

  • Alternate between grid or list view for your Favorites

Titles Region

Filtered view shows the full offering of titles accessible to the user within their account.

  • All: Returns all available titles across the selected scope
  • Recommended: Returns matching titles for the user location (i.e. state) from their geolocation. This matches the titles presented to the user on the Digital Codes home screen.
  • Recently Viewed: Returns titles that have been accessed by the current user
  • Recently Added: Returns new titles added to Digital Codes

Each of the tabs returns the available matching titles from the Across dropdown:

Available options within the search scope include:

  • All Titles on Digital Codes: Any available title on Digital Codes regardless of whether it is a part of the current user active Premium subscription. Titles within the active Premium subscription will contain a gold border.
  • My Premium Titles: Titles within active Premium subscription for the user, indicating contents across which Premium features including advanced search, notes and quick access are available.
  • Premium Only Titles (Subscription Required): Title that do not have a Basic access allowance available. These titles require a Premium subscription to access the contents as identified by the gold “P” icon.

Search filters provide user alternative means to narrow their title results across available categories or by entering any portion of the title.  Any search filter selection is applied in addition to the tab selection and search scope (i.e. if “California” is selected from the Location dropdown with “Recently Viewed” tab selected and “My Premium Titles” as the scope, then the results will only include California matches from the Recently Viewed Premium titles).

Display preferences allow user to select between grid or list view for title results.  This selection will be saved and applied for returning visits to Digital Codes.

Concurrent Access

Provides a means for user to enter a concurrent access code to connect to a shared subscription.

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Updated on May 31, 2023

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