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When searching at the top of the codes.iccsafe.org homepage, you can now search by specific titles with full clarity. This allows for increased efficiency when searching for Digital Codes Premium titles. In the below example,  you will see “2023 Florida Codes” inserted into the search bar. This automatically generates a dropdown with the 2023 Florida Code titles listed, allowing you to easily access the title you’re looking for. As a Digital Codes Premium user, you can also directly access the Title Search function by clicking “Advanced Search”.

By clicking See all title results for: “2023 Florida Codes”  next to the magnifying glass in the second section of the dropdown, you will then be directed to the below illustrated Title Search page. This search will show you a full list of titles and their covers. In just one click from this page, you can easily open your desired title.

To refine your Title Search as best as possible, the Title Filters are designed search for the codes you need with just a few clicks. The first two filters include Title Scope and Categories.

The Title Scope filter allows you to choose from “My Premium Titles”,  “Recently Added” Titles, and “Recently viewed titles. With this filter, you can easily access your Premium titles, the latest titles added to Digital Codes Premium, or the most recent titles that you have accessed to quickly bounce back to where you left off.  The “Categories” filter provides the ability to further refine your search by State, I-Codes, Standards and more.

The third Title Filter, “Years”, allows you to choose select title years that you would like to search for. In the below example, you will see the results for the search “Florida” and “2023”.



Updated on May 3, 2024

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