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How do I enroll multiple people in a course?

Once you have found the class you want to enroll your group in, click “Show More”. You will see the details of the class.

On the right side of the details you will see “To Enroll Multiple People” under that heading there is a link to click that will generate an email request. Just fill in the details of your request and send.

You can also send your request via email by clicking the “Email ICC Learning Center” link when you hover over “Contact Us” at the top of the ICC Learning Center page.

In your request, please note the name and date of the course you would like your group to be enrolled in as well as all names of the people you would like enrolled and the email that is associated with their MyICC account. Please indicate if any of the people in your group request do not have a MyICC account.

Updated on October 31, 2017

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