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Nevada Exam and ID Card Program Transition – FAQs

What happened to the Clark County and Reno, Nevada Exams and ID Card Program?

The Code Council has transitioned offering both Clark County and Reno exams to National Contractor Electrician exams starting January 1, 2020. The Clark County and Reno ID Card program has also transitioned under the Nevada organization Electrical Safety Professionals (ESP).


What exams do I need to take now that the Nevada ID Card Program is under ESP?

Take the Code Council’s National Contractor Electrician exams. The exams below are the same length and have the same content as the previous Clark County and Reno exams.

  • G16 – Master Electrician
  • G17 – Journeyman Electrician
  • G18 – Residential Electrician
  • G21 – Low-Voltage Electrician


Will the Code Council offer a national Low Voltage Electrician exam?

Effective February 21, 2020, the Code Council will begin to offer the Low-Voltage Electrician Exam (G21).


Do I need to carry an Electrician ID Card?

Yes.  At every job site there must be an electrical-qualified individual with an ID Card.


Will my current Nevada ID Card issued through the Code Council still be valid and recognized with ESP?

Yes, if it was issued within the last three years. ID cards are valid for a three-year period.


How do I apply for a new Electrician ID Card?

After passing the Code Council National exam, apply to ESP here. You will need to provide a copy of your exam score report when you apply for your ID card.


I am scheduled to take a Nevada exam instead of a National Electrician Contractor exam after January 1st. Do I need to change my exam to the National version?

Not at all. ESP will still recognize Nevada exams taken after January 1st when applying for your ID card.


How do I renew my Electrician ID Card?

Obtain CEUs through approved CEU providers and then complete the renewal requirements. Click here to go to the ESP website and download the ID Card Renewal Application.  Submit the application, proof of required CEUs, and the appropriate fees. You may also contact their offices at (725) 214-6004.


If my ID card is expired, can I renew it?

Yes, an ID card can be renewed within one year of the date of expiration.  Obtain the CEUs required for the renewal and submit the application.  The regular renewal fee is required in addition to a reinstatement fee.  If your ID Card has been expired for more than one year, you must once again take the exam and have a passing score to obtain a new card.


Where can I get the education and obtain CEUs needed?

Attend classes and offerings from approved providers listed on the ESP website or contact them at (725) 214-6004.



Updated on July 23, 2020

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