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How to Navigate Contents Across Premium Titles

This article describes six tools that help users find, mark, and share content in a title. These tools are:

  1. Linking
  2. Link Previews
  3. Notes
  4. Bonus Content
  5. Link Sharing
  6. Searching

Before you start

When you open https://codes.iccsafe.org in a browser, a pop-up box displays. The pop-up box asks if you want to share your geo-location.

  • If you click Allow, ICC defaults the titles adopted within your active state.  Scroll left and right to access the full set of displayed titles.
  • If you click Block, ignore the pop-up, or have an international location, ICC displays the most recent I-codes on the main page.


1. Linking  

Users with access to Premium view can see in-text hyperlinks. These links open support materials and reference documents. Links also allow  users to traverse section references quickly and easily.


3. Notes

Notes provides users with an interactive tool for recording and sharing questions, comments and feedback.

  1. To add a note to a section, click the Pencil icon.

  1. Enter a note or message and then click Save.

  1. To review the note, click the My Notes menu tab on the left menu. The name of the note displays in the list.

4. Bonus Content Tags

Online text is sometimes marked with an icon. These icons indicate bonus content is available. There are three types of bonus content.


Click the Errata icon to see errors that were identified after the book was published and should be incorporated into the next edition. Most errors are grammar mistakes or typos.


Click the P icon to see Premium Bonus Content for the section. This content enhances the understanding of the current section content with supplemental context.

  • Hover the mouse on the P icon to open a window with details and link to additional resources.

Code Development Process 

ICC publishes title updates every three years. Before publishing a new release, ICC (working as an independent party) facilitates a code development process (CDP) that documents current state-level proposals for changes and committee decisions.

The CDP icon shows resources for the relevant code development process are available. It also highlights opportunities to participate (e.g. support or oppose proposals) in that process.

Hover the mouse on the CDP icon to open a window with details.

6. Searching

Premium view users have two search options: Content or Title.

Content search

The standard Content search (described below) scans the ICC library for a single keyword. To run a search with multiple keywords and filters, click the Advanced button.

  1. Go to the top of the screen and toggle the switch to Content.

  1.  Enter a search term in the field. By default, the search scans the current title.

2. To change the search area, click the arrow and select an area in the drop-menu menu.

3. Click the Search icon or hit Enter on the keyboard.

Narrow search results

To reduce the number of items in a search results list, go to the left pane and uncheck boxes next to titles that are not relevant to your search.

Expand Content search scope

By default, a Content search scans one category at a time. After running a search, you can expand the scope by adding one or more code categories.

Go to the left pane and check boxes next to categories relevant to your search.

Title search

Instead of scanning library content for a keyword, focus the search on document titles.

  1. Toggle the switch to Title.
  2. Repeat search steps described above.



Updated on August 25, 2021

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