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How are participants in subcommittees and work groups determined?

The chairs of the subcommittees and working groups are recommended by the committee chairs and approved by the committee. Each committee member will be polled on their choice of subcommittee and selected by the chair and vice chair. Once specific subcommittees are identified, the Code Council will issue a call for non-committee members to apply to their subcommittee of choice. Subcommittee members will be selected by the main committee. Voting members of the subcommittees will represent a roughly 50/50 split of committee and non-committee members. Balance and openness are key points of the Consensus Procedures and will be considered as part of this selection process. The subcommittees will also be open to anyone interested in serving as non-voting members who can participate in the work of the subcommittee. Participation in any committee, subcommittee, or working group meeting is open to the public and unlimited. Committee members and non-committee members selected to serve on a subcommittee may only be a voting member of one subcommittee. This is to allow for as many participants as voting members within subcommittees.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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