What is the process for appeals?

The deliberative nature of the standards development process allows for identification of potential issues before the document is finalized, allowing for corrective action during the process. Anyone participating in the IECC development who feels that the Consensus procedures are not being followed should alert the ICC Secretariat.

However, should an issue not be resolved during the development process, appeals may be made under the Code Council’s ANSI approved Consensus Procedures. Appeals shall be based on process issues rather than the technical basis of the code. To file an appeal a written complaint must be filed with the IECC Secretariat. The committee chair or Code Council staff will respond to the complaint. If that response does not resolve the complaint, an appeals panel hearing can be requested. The appeals panel is made up of three members. The appeals panel must provide a decision within 30 days and inform the person who initiated the hearing. Appeals panels will be three members, one each of user, producer, and general interest. Panel members shall not be involved with or have conflict of interest in the matter being appealed. At least 2 of the panel members must be acceptable to the appellant and 2 to the respondent (typically ICC). If agreement can’t be reached on panel members, it goes to the Codes and Standards council for appointment.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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