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What are the benefits of a Governmental Membership?

Governmental Members are government/municipalities (includes agencies, departments & units) engaged in administration, formulation or enforcement of laws, regulations or ordinances relating to public health, safety and welfare.
Governmental Membership includes the following benefits:
  • Discounts on code items and study materials from our online and print catalog.
  • Discounts on Learning Center courses and training for your staff. Here’s how to easily add your staff to access this discount!
  • A complimentary digital set of I-Codes, upon joining, available and updated through the life of the membership. Learn more here.
  • Code Opinion service- When you want assistance interpreting a section of code text, we offer expert technical staff to aid you at no additional charge.
  • The ability to assign benefits to your staff so they may enjoy the discounts and code opinion service at no additional charge. If your staff are certified with ICC, link them to the Governmental Member profile and they may enjoy discounts on earning CEU’s and renewing their certifications. Here’s how!
  • The ability to read the online magazine Building Safety Journal and receive eNews updates and building safety information to your inbox.

Assigning Voting Representation

Primary contacts for Governmental Members may assign voting representation to themselves and employees or public officials during the code cycle.  This opportunity provides your staff with the ability to have their voice heard on proposed code changes and edits to the International Code Series. The allotted number of voting representatives is based on the population size of your jurisdiction. Visit the ICC By-laws for details.
Looking for a Corporate Membership?

Click here to learn more about the benefits of having a Corporate Membership!

Updated on May 27, 2022

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