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Are code interpretations available to everyone?


It is a member service, supported by membership dues.

Staff code opinions are available over the telephone at any of the ICC District Offices (Birmingham, Chicago and Los Angeles) and in written response to written inquiry. Committee interpretations are formal interpretations issued by the ICC Formal Interpretation Committee and are only available in written response to a written inquiry.

If you are not a member, we recommend using the ICC forums as an alternative way to speak with members of the community on questions.

Note: this is not a formal code opinion provided by ICC. 

To visit a forum:

  • Log into your myICC account
  • Be sure you are in the new version of myICC

Select “Forums” from the right hand navigation bar 

  • You can also visit forums directly here
  • We recommend reviewing terms and conditions, and posting etiquette
  • Search the available forums to find the best location to ask your question
Updated on October 22, 2019

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