What is entailed in this research effort?

The Code Council has engaged Meacham Associates, which has decades of experience working with countries around the world to create and improve performance-based building control systems, to undertake broad sector-wide surveys and targeted workshops among stakeholders. The goal is to understand current thinking and perspectives across numerous disciplines, from design to enforcement, and materials and systems to performance evaluation and testing, about how performance-based approaches are viewed, what can and should be done to make them more robust and achieve a high level of confidence in the code, design approaches, tools, methods and data, designs that are developed, and the people who are undertaking design, verification, review and approvals. Based on the input received, an outline of the essential components of a modernized performance code that embodies current thinking in the U.S., global experiences and best practices, existing and emerging societal expectations for building performance, and existing and emerging data, tools, methods, materials and systems, will be developed. Stakeholder input will be sought and information widely shared though web-based resources and discussion forums to encourage the dissemination of research, experiences (good and bad), new technologies and new thinking around the issues.

Updated on June 24, 2021

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