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Why is the Code Council undertaking this initial review effort?

In the 20 years since the ICCPC was published, the Code Council has not received many code change proposals, which is likely tied to the fact that there have been few adoptions of this code. The current code development cycle saw a few proposed code changes, which will work their way through the process. However, more than these changes will be needed to update the code beyond its original format. The ICCPC currently includes structural and fire and life safety provisions but lacks strong content about other essential elements required in any modern code, such as sustainability, resiliency, indoor air quality, renewable energy and energy storage systems, in addition to enabling the increasing use of novel building materials. The new ICCPC will also be better positioned to address matters of resiliency related to increasingly severe weather-related events. Like the original effort which led to development of the ICCPC, the current reconsideration of the code should consider the current state of practice in performance-based design, what advancements have been made in the U.S. and internationally, what is needed for broad acceptance and implementation, who the key players are, and what is needed to achieve the objectives.

By undertaking an initial review of best practices from the twenty years of experience in the use of performance-based codes and design approaches internationally, including in approaches to design verification and demonstration of compliance, we can develop a strong baseline understanding of potential opportunities as well as concerns that can support the development process of a modernized ICCPC.

Updated on June 24, 2021

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